Impact Dakar is an incubator that was launched in late 2017 by a group of associates with expertise in the areas of entrepreneurship, consulting, investment and real estate. It has the distinction of being itself a company in itself. It is an entrepreneurial hub that aims to find innovative ways to support entrepreneurs in a personalized and effective way, taking into account the specificities of the West African context.

It also aims to exploit the full potential of entrepreneurship as a problem-solving tool at community, national and regional scales. Outside of support activities, Impact Dakar is also a co-working space in which large companies have their home.

The Impact Dakar team continues to work hard to provide you with entrepreneurial support in its most refined form and will rely on your unwavering support and your requirement for the development of national and regional entrepreneurship. Cheers, join the hustle


Together let’s build the future we want to live in! #TransitionTeam


Impact Hub City is a catalyst to foster social innovation. We are a global community, consultancy and a creative space. We work at the intersection of innovation and society to collaboratively create impact with an entrepreneurial mindset.


Embedded in Design Thinking, we foster collaboration, unlock creativity and create innovative solutions:

  • Inspire: challenging the status quo is possible – we do it every day.
  • Connect: accessing a professional ecosystem of change makers and curating interaction across silos.
  • Enable: we disrupt mindsets, share expertise and the necessary tools to create a better future for all.

User-Centered. Design thinking is centred on innovating through the eyes of the end user buy building empathy and gaining deep insights.

Experimental. Design thinking gives the participant permission to fail and to learn from their mistakes, because it encourages an iterative development process.

Collaborative. Several great minds are always stronger when solving a challenge than just one. Design thinking benefits greatly from an interdisciplinary team.

De-Risking. Using an iterative approach de-risks products by testing both their relevance and long-term feasibility prior to committing substantial investment.

Well-Structured. Design thinking comes with a lot of useful tools. It draws inspiration from the creative processes, that are divided into different phases, sprints and tools.

Optimistic. Design thinking, like many startup methodologies, is underpinned the fundamental belief that we can all create change—no matter how big a problem, how little time, or how small a budget.