General Manager

Abdoul Aziz Sy

I consider myself a tourist. I love to discover new experiences and I love to create them.

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Office Manager

Mame Léna Sané

I have one passion: helping people. Join the hustle… I’ll take care of you! Join the hustle

Project Manager

Babacar Coly

Life is a project: It requires skills, organization and faith. I have faith in you. Join the hustle!

Finance Manager

Mame Diarra Fall

I’m a creative and versatile person. I love to sing and dance and I have the MAMBA attitude.

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AÏcha Thiendella Fall

My passion is to impact people. Spread the knowledge and join the hustle !

Oumar Aboubacry Djigo

I love basketball and sports overall. I am a fun guy and i love to interact with people.

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Project Manager

Aïcha Michelle Diaw

I love art and i like doing manual activities. We can only have more by giving it away to others.

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Moussa Waly SENE

I like computer science and i love helping entrepreneurs get to the next level in their journey.

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Aziz Sy

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Fayelle Ouane

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They are entrepreneurs and innovators, designers and creative problem solvers, thinkers, and doers from everywhere, at home anywhere – an African and American company as much as an Asian, Middle Eastern, and European one. They partner with and serve communities, governments, and companies throughout the world, providing an innovative mix of services.


C’est une organisation sénégalo-américaine spécialisée dans la conception et la gestion de programmes et de technologies destinés à faire progresser les startups de la phase idée à la phase de croissance. Concree développe ses propres programmes d’incubation et d’accélération (virtuels et en présentiel) et collabore avec des organisations publiques et privées dans la mise en place et le management de leurs programmes d’entrepreneuriat et d’intrapreneuriat.

Reach for change

Reach for Change find and support local early stage social entrepreneurs who work towards one or more of the sustainable development goals set up by the UN.  The entrepreneurs are supported to scale their innovations through capacity building, networks and funding, all in partnership with multiple sectors. Being Co-created by successful entrepreneurs in the non-profit and the business sector in 2010, we have supported entrepreneurs in 18 countries across three continents.

Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal

Le Consortium Jeunesse Sénégal (CJS) est une association de jeunes innovateurs sociaux, d’entrepreneurs, d’investisseurs, de décideurs, et de chercheurs entre autres. Il compte parmi ses principaux alliés les institutions publiques, les partenaires internationaux, les OSC et les acteurs privés engagés à soutenir l’autonomisation des jeunes au Sénégal.

La Délégation Générale à l’Entreprenariat Rapide des Femmes et des Jeunes – DERFJ

La Délégation générale à l’Entreprenariat Rapide des Femmes et des Jeunes (DER/FJ) est une structure rattachée au Secrétariat général de la Présidence de la République du Sénégal.


PPI’s vision is to fight global poverty by developing economic, social and environmental inclusion in a sustainable and equitable way. It supports the poorest to create the conditions for their financial independence while participating in the development of their communities.