Singa - Meun Nga Tekki FI

“Meun Nga Tekki FI” is an inclusive entrepreneurship program for returnees and women in Senegal, funded by GIZ through the organization SINGA Deutchland and executed by Impact Hub Dakar. The program aims to encourage inclusive entrepreneurship and promote the professional integration of potential candidates for illegal immigration and the return of Senegalese who have accumulated extensive experience abroad.

SINGA, meune nga fi tékki

What did entrepreneurs gain from participating

The program took place over a period of 4 months, during which he accompanied 10 entrepreneurs in the INCUBER course and 16 entrepreneurs in the ACCELERER course. Participants received personalized support to develop their business idea, as well as training and workshops on business creation, financial management and marketing techniques. They also had access to a network of experts, mentors and potential partners to help them develop their project and overcome obstacles related to their particular situation.

Who are we looking for

The “Meun Nga Tekki FI” program targets all sectors of activity of the Senegalese economy, such as agriculture, energy, digital, tourism, crafts, etc. The program also supported the creation of decent jobs for returning migrants and women, by promoting their professional integration in these sectors.
The “Meun Nga Tekki FI” program has enabled GIZ and SINGA Deutchland to direct their action towards young people and women in Senegal.

The positive impact of SINGA

By focusing on inclusive entrepreneurship for returning migrants and women, “Meun Nga Tekki FI” has contributed to strengthening the Senegalese economy by encouraging the creation of innovative businesses in all sectors of activity and by promoting the professional integration of these populations. This program has also contributed to strengthening Senegal’s attractiveness for investors by demonstrating the existence of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem and by highlighting investment opportunities in all sectors of activity.