Impact Hub Dakar, a Dakar-based start-up incubator, and Teranga Gestion, a Senegalese fund management company, jointly launched the SUQALI program to foster the financial inclusion of rural-based SMEs, SMIs and micro-enterprises in agriculture, fishing and handicraft sectors across Senegal.
The SUQALI program is a financial inclusion program designed to help businesses improve their financial management and access to the financial resources needed to thrive. Participating companies will benefit from training sessions on financial management, investments and fundraising, as well as personalized support to develop their economic model and business plan.


What do Suqali offers to any entrepreneur

In addition to training and support, SUQALI offers companies repayable advances without rates or guarantees. These advances are intended to help businesses finance their projects and grow their business without having to worry about high interest rates or collateral requirements. Companies will thus have the possibility to invest in their growth and development at their own pace, according to their needs.
SUQALI also offers companies access to a network of potential investors, mentors and partners. Companies will thus have the opportunity to connect with key players in their sector, develop their network and obtain financing for their growth.

What do Suqali provide to businesses

SUQALI is a partnership between Impact Hub Dakar, which runs the program, and Teranga Gestion, which funds it. By working together, Impact Hub Dakar and Teranga Gestion can provide rural businesses with quality financial resources and management tools, as well as access to a network of potential investors and partners.

The positive impact of SUQALI

As a financial inclusion program for rural businesses, SUQALI is also a way for Impact Hub Dakar and Teranga Gestion to build the resilience of entrepreneurs to the economic effects of COVID-19. Moreover, by focusing on the financial inclusion of rural businesses, SUQALI contributes to strengthening the agriculture, fishing and handicrafts sectors, which are important economic drivers for Senegal. By strengthening these sectors, Impact Hub Dakar and Teranga Gestion can help revive the local economy following the pandemic.

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