USAID Entrepreneurship and Investment

Funded by USAID and executed by the NGO Winrock, USAID Entrepreneurship and Investment is a program that aims to structure the Senegalese entrepreneurial ecosystem by building the capacity of business support structures. The program also consists of helping young entrepreneurs to structure their project and prepare for investment. It is with this in mind that Impact Hub Dakar, the program’s implementing partner, is responsible for supporting 10 entrepreneurs.
Support for these entrepreneurs consists of organizing training sessions on topics related to the structuring and development of their business. In parallel with these training sessions, individual follow-up sessions are organized for the entrepreneurs of the program not only to provide them with advice related to the strategy of their business but also to allow them to deepen the questions addressed during the training sessions. During these sessions, the deliverables requested from the contractor are received and improved in a dynamic of co-construction.

What do USAID offers to entrepreneurs

Program participants can also benefit from being put in touch with local investors or financial institutions depending on the type of investment suited to their needs. Thanks to the large community of Impact Hub, they can also benefit from being put in contact with sectoral actors or competent people in specific fields to support them in the form of mentoring.
Impact Hub Dakar thanks to its community on social networks will offer supported companies more visibility by showing what they do and their products on our different pages. Video capsules will also be produced to facilitate the promotion of the companies supported.

USAID brings investors to the entrepreneurs

It is also planned, like almost all Impact Hub Dakar programs, a demo-day at the end of the program to allow entrepreneurs to pitch in the presence of ecosystem players, including investors, professionals accompaniment, etc.