Why they loved Impact Hub
18 June 2019 - dakar


“I love Impact Hub because everyody’s nice and dogs are allowed.

Impact Hub is a flexible space. Work times are adjustable and adjusted which means people understand that they should deliver their work on time but are not Flexible about time, arrival and work times. Traditional professional systems are bad because everybody’s stressed because they feel like they have to be there at 8. Professional systems should inspire themselves, makes people more productive because although flexible, people understand that everything should be delivered on time.”

Boussoura (Incubated entrepreneur) :

“I love the networking and the opportunity to meet people who are in the ecosystem, whether it’s in our sector or not. I really loved the training with Olivia, who was in the same cohort as us. Between people of the same cohort we could really provide support sharing our specific skills and competences. Today if I need her, I can just call her, say that I need a session on x or Y and she’ll be here. It’s the Impact family.

The pitch session with investors was also enlightening because it gave us feedback from investors already in the ecosystem and that was interesting. Siny, another member of the cohort, had feedback which I thought was very pertinent.

The team was also very nice. And there were comfortable couches!”


“The staff is very open minded and I love the kitchenette!”


“I had a small light turn into my head during the Return to Senegal event organized at Impact Hub. Amath (the community manager) spoke about his trip to South Korea. I wasn’t used to speaking with people but I felt like going to him and asking him about his experiences. He was very welcoming and

I really enjoy the proximity with the whole staff, it’s easy to approach people and ask questions.”